Subscription includes

  • Full Daily Video shiur covering the Daf with option to download Audio-only shiur as well

  • All diagrams and resources available for download in PDF form

  • Access to all archives of previous Masechtas - Over 500 videos and hundreds of PDF resources

  • Access to Daf Yomi forum to discuss and explore issues on the Daf with other learners in our community


  • What is the difference between the Basic and Full subscription?

    Both subscriptions give you full access to all audio and video on the site. Additionally, the Full subscription allows you to download PDF resources on each Daf. It also gives you access to the community forum to participate in discussion on the day's learning.

  • Will I retain access to modules I have purchased prior to Succah?

    Yes. All previously purchased modules will remain in your dashboard

  • Will I be able to download material?

    Yes, you will be able to download PDF's and audio of the daily shiur. Videos will be streaming only. You will be able to view them as often as you want and at any time while you are subscribed

  • When can I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time

  • If I cancel my subscription will I still have access to the material?

    If you cancel your subscription, access to the modules (excluding the one's purchased outside of your subscription) will be revoked when the next renewal or billing date occurs and no payment is made. For example, if a student ends the subscription on Sept 1 and the next billing date is Sept 30, they will have access for 30 days and then lose access on Sept 30.

  • Will the subscription give me access to the entire Shas?

    Modules are released in time for the current Masechta. It is our intention with Hashem's help to b'n go through the entire Shas. As a subscriber you will have access to all modules as they are released.

  • Can I still purchase individual modules?

    Masechtas and modules from the beginning of Shas until the current Masechta are available to purchase. This will allow you to download videos for your personal use.